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Date of publication: 05.05.2024

  1. Glossary
Cookies are small text files that are stored on the User's device (personal computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) when the User visits websites on the Internet.
Developer - Roman Vladimirovich Postnikov and/or his affiliates.
Mobile Application - mobile application "YoloPrice", all rights, including intellectual property rights, to which belong to the Developer.
Partners - individuals and/or legal entities with whom the Developer co-operates.
Policy - this Cookie Policy, the current version of which is available at the following URL: https://yoloprice.com/cookie_policy/en. The Policy applies in addition to the general Privacy Policy for the Developer's Services available at the following URL: https://yoloprice.com/privacy/en.
Services - the Mobile Application, the Site and/or other services provided by the Developer.
User - a natural person who performs any actions to use the Developer's Services (including, without limitation, downloading, installing, launching, logging in, etc.).
Website - a site on the Internet at https://yoloprice.com.

2. General Provisions

By visiting the Site and/or Mobile Application, the User explicitly and unconditionally agrees to the Policy, including the fact that the Developer may use cookies and other data for their further processing by Google Analytics and other systems, as well as may transfer them to third parties for research, performance of work or provision of services.

3. Which kinds of Cookies may be used

Depending on the browser and/or device used by the User, different sets of Cookies may be used, including strictly necessary (mandatory), session, persistent and analytical/marketing Cookies.
Cookies remember information about the User's preferences and allow the User to use the Services for a certain period of time in a more convenient for the User mode.
  • Sessional
Exist only in temporary memory during the time the User is on the Site or Application. Session Cookies are usually deleted after the User closes the Site or Application. Session Cookies allow us to remember information about the User's choices to avoid the need to re-enter information.
  • Permanent
Cookies that are stored on the User's computer or mobile device and are not deleted when the Service is closed. Persistent Cookies may store user preferences for the Service, allowing these preferences to be used in future sessions of the Service.
  • Analytical/marketing
Includes information about how the User uses the Services. The Developer uses these Cookies primarily to improve the functionality of the Services and the User's experience when using them. Sometimes these Cookies also help to identify User's preferences and provide useful targeted information on products, services and services that may be of interest to the User.
  • Mandatory
A minimum set of Cookies, the use of which is necessary for the proper and uninterrupted operation of the Services.
The Developer may use web beacons (pixel tags) to access Cookies previously placed on the User's device. Their use is necessary to analyze the User's actions when using the Services by accessing and using Cookies stored on the User's device to collect statistics on the operation of the Developer's Services themselves.
Disabling some of these types of Cookies may make it impossible to use certain sections or features of the Services. For example, access to sections of the Services for which authorisation is required is provided by separate Cookies and without their use the Service may not work properly.

4. Purposes of using Cookies

  • saving the User's authorisation in the Services;
  • improving the quality of the User's work with the Services;
  • display of information prioritized by the User;
  • saving the settings of advertising preferences and safe search for the User;
  • displaying adverts that may be of interest to the User;
  • development, optimisation of Developer's and Partners' services;
  • analyzing statistics on the use of the Services;
  • informational, statistical, analytical purposes.
Based on the data obtained through Cookies, the Developer and his Partners prepare the most useful functionality for the Developer's and Partners' Services, conduct statistical and market research, fix errors in the Services and test new features to improve the performance of the Services, personalize them and show the most relevant information for the User.

5. Managing Cookies

Cookies are installed in the browser on the User's device - in most cases this is automatic. The User can refuse to save and use Сookies on his device or delete already saved Сookies in his browser settings.
In the event that the User refuses the processing of Cookies, the Services will only use mandatory Cookies.
If the User has approved the use of Cookies on one of the Developer's Services, it will mean that such consent is given for the use of Cookies on all of the Developer's Services.

6. Who, apart from the Developer, may have access to the information contained in Cookies

The Developer's Partners may also collect information about Users through the use of cookies or pixel tags as part of the use of the Services. The use of Cookies and other technologies allows the Developer and his Partners to analyze the activity when using the Services by counting the number of visits or showing advertisements tailored to the Services.

7. Feedback
In case of any questions regarding the Services and/or the Policy, the User may contact us via email: support@yoloprice.com. The User's enquiry should contain information necessary for a full and complete consideration of the User's question.

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