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Date of publication: 05.05.2024

  1. Glossary
Information is a term defined in Section 2 of the Policy.
Mobile Application - mobile application "YoloPrice", all rights, including intellectual property rights of which, belong to the Developer.
Partners - individuals and/or legal entities with whom the Developer co-operates.
Policy - this Privacy Policy, the current version of which is available at: https://yoloprice.com/privacy/en
User - a person who performs any actions to use the Developer's Services (including, without limitation, downloading, installing, launching, logging in, etc.).
Developer – Mr. Roman Vladimirovich Postnikov and/or his affiliates.
Website - a site on the Internet at https://yoloprice.com.
Services - the Mobile Application, the Site and/or other services provided by the Developer.

  1. General Provisions
The Policy applies to all data and information (hereinafter referred to as the "Information") that the Developer may receive in the course of the User's exploitation of the Services, as well as in the course of the Developer's performance of any agreements and contracts concluded with the User in connection with the User's exploitation of the Services. The Developer may also receive Information from its Partners, websites, programmes, products or services of which the User exploits, from other sources with publicly available data.
Any given actions of the User in the Services (including downloading, logging in to the Mobile Application, using the Site) means their explicit, full and unconditional consent to the Policy, including the terms of processing the User's Information established by it. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User shall immediately stop using the Services.
The Services are not intended to process the User's personal data; however, in individual cases, if the Developer gains access to them, the Information also includes the User's personal data. In such case, by using the Services, the User expressly and unambiguously consents to the processing of their personal data under the terms of the Policy and in accordance with the applicable law.

3. List of Information that may be collected

3.1 The Developer may collect the following categories of Information in connection with the User's exploitation of the Services:
  • information about the User's activity while using the Services (for example, history of search queries) and other information provided by the User;
  • electronic data (operating system version, HTTP headers, IP address, cookies, web beacons/pixel tags (for the Site), browser ID data (for the Site), hardware and software information, including the brand and model of the mobile device, screen resolution, locale (device language);
  • date and time of access to the Services;
  • information that the Developer receives from Partners in accordance with the terms of the agreements concluded between the User and the respective Partner and the agreements concluded between the Developer and the Partner.
3.2 When the User visits the Site, the Developer may use cookies and web beacons (including pixel tags) to collect Information and associate or match such information with the device and web browser. By using the Services, the User agrees to the Developer's use of cookies on the terms and conditions set out in the Cookie Policy available at the URL.

3.3 The Developer does not necessarily process all categories of Information listed above. The list is provided for informative purposes.

3.4 The Developer does not purposefully collect Information not specified in the Policy, including personal data. Nevertheless, there may be a situation when the User independently provides such Information, including personal data, to the Developer and/or access to such Information, including the User's personal data, is obtained by the Developer in connection with the provision of the Services to the User and for the purposes specified in the Policy. In such case, the Developer will process such Information within the framework of providing the Services to the User.
The Developer does not purposefully collect data for the purpose of compiling a User profile to the extent that it may significantly affect the User's rights and freedoms under applicable law.

3.5 The Developer does not verify the Information received and/or provided by the User, Partners and/or from open sources and cannot judge its reliability, as well as whether the User has sufficient grounds for providing the Information. Nevertheless, the Developer proceeds from the principle of reliability, legality, relevance and sufficiency of the Information.

4. Basis and purposes for processing Information

4.1 Information is processed on the basis of this Policy and applicable law.

4.2 The Developer shall process the Information if:
  • processing is necessary for the fulfilment of agreements between the User and the Developer, such as the User Agreement of the mobile application "YoloPrice" of the Developer (https://yoloprice.com/user_agreement/en), which also includes ensuring the operation of the Services (for example, providing one with search results for their search queries);
  • processing is necessary to comply with statutory obligations;
  • where provided for by applicable law, processing is necessary to ensure the legitimate interests of the Developer in case such processing does not have a significant impact on the User's interests, their fundamental rights and freedoms. Please note that when processing Information on the abovementioned basis, the Developer will always endeavor to maintain a balance between its legitimate interests and the protection of the User's privacy.
4.3 The Developer processes the Information for its legitimate interests, for example in the following cases:
  • to better understand how the User interacts with the Services;
  • to improve, change, personalize or otherwise enhance the Services for the benefit of all users;
  • to offer other products and services of the Developer or other companies to the Users, which, in the opinion of the Developer, may be of their interest (i.e. to show advertising to the Users that takes their interest into account).
4.4 For specific purposes or as required by applicable law, the Developer may request a separate consent of the User for the processing of his/her Information. For jurisdictions where consent is recognised as a separate legal basis, the beginning of the User's use of the Developer's Services (e.g. downloading, launching and/or logging into the Mobile Application) is a sufficient and only necessary expression of the User's consent to the processing of the Information under the terms of the Policy. The Developer hereby informs the User and the User confirms that the User has no obligation to provide the Developer with any Information when using the Services, and such provision is based solely on the User's free will. At the same time, the User realises that without providing Information, the Developer will not be able to provide an opportunity to use the Services, and the User's access to the Services will be limited up to complete termination.

4.5 The Developer always processes Information for specific purposes and only that Information which is relevant to the fulfillment of such purposes. In particular, the Developer processes Information for the following purposes:
  • providing the User with access to the Services (including providing search results in response to their search queries, taking into account their preferences, search history and other User Information available to the Developer);
  • communicating with the User to send notifications, requests and information related to the operation of the Services, fulfill the agreements with the User and process their requests and applications;
  • personalisation of advertisements and offers taking into account the User's preferences, search history and other User Information available to the Developer;
  • improving the usability of the Services, including to display the most relevant search results and provide more personalized Services, as well as to improve other Developer's products, applications and Services;
  • creation of new products, utilities and Developer’s offers, development, optimisation of existing Developer Services;
  • protection of User's rights and Developer's rights;
  • Collecting, processing and presenting statistical data, big data and other research;
  • identification of security threats to the Services, Users, Developer and/or third parties.

5. Data Protection

5.1 In most cases the Information is processed automatically without access to it by any of the Developer's employees. In case such access is required, it may be granted only to those employees of the Developer who need it to fulfil their tasks. In order to protect and ensure the confidentiality of data, all employees must comply with internal policies and procedures regarding the processing of Information. They must also follow all technical and organisational security measures in place to protect the Information.

5.2 The User uses the Services on a free of charge basis in the "as is" mode with the functionality that exists at the time of use - without guarantees of stability of operation and absence of errors.
For its part, the Developer shall take all measures in its reasonable control and reasonably available to it to protect the Information from unauthorised, accidental or unlawful use, disclosure, loss, destruction or access ("Unauthorised Actions").
At the same time, the User shall independently protect their Information in the Services from unauthorised actions, including protecting their device from theft or loss, other unauthorised access, computer attacks, viruses and other security threats. By using the Services, the User understands and agrees that the Services may be subject to unauthorised attacks, errors and technical failures that may affect the Information. By using the Services, the User gives the Developer his/her explicit consent to the processing of his/her Information under the specified conditions, without holding the Developer liable for Unauthorised Actions in relation to the Information.

6. Access to Information

6.1 The Developer may transfer access to the Information to its employees and affiliates (to the extent specified in the section 4 of this Policy). The Developer may also transfer the Information to third parties for the purposes specified in Section 4 of the Policy.

6.2 Third parties may include:
(i) Partners, such as website and application owners, advertising networks and other partners that provide services to Developer related to the placement and display of advertisements on websites, programmes, products or services owned or controlled by such partners;
(ii) advertisers or other Partners who display advertisements for you on the Developer Services, and Partners such as information service providers or consultants;
(iii) persons providing information to identify security threats to the Developer Services, Users, Partners and/or other third parties;
(iv) to third parties to whom rights or obligations under contracts related to the provision of the Services have been assigned or who otherwise exercise control over persons providing the Services as a result of their acquisition (through the acquisition of legal entities, intellectual property, property, property rights and otherwise);
(v) any national and/or international regulatory authorities, law enforcement s, central or local executive authorities, other official or governmental bodies or court s in respect of which the Developer is obliged to provide information in accordance with applicable law upon request;
(vi) third parties, if the User has consented to the transfer of Information or if the transfer of Information is required for the provision of the relevant Service to the User or the fulfilment of a specific agreement or contract concluded with the User;
(vii) any third party in order to provide legal defence of the Developer or third parties in case the User violates the User Agreement of the mobile application "YoloPrice" (https://yoloprice.com/user_agreement/en), this Policy or the terms governing the use of other Services, or in a situation where there is a threat of such violation.

6.3 The level of protection of Information in some countries may not coincide with the level established in the User's jurisdiction, and by using the Developer's Services, the User consents to such transfer. If the User is located in a territory where the User's consent is required to process Information, including transfer of its Information to another jurisdiction, then by using the Services, the User gives the Developer its express and unambiguous consent to such processing of Information, and/or transfer, or storage, and/or processing of Information in other specified jurisdictions, including Russia and Uzbekistan.

7. Retention period of the Information

7.1 The Developer shall retain the Information for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

7.2 If the User withdraws his/her consent to the processing of the Information constituting the User's personal data (if any), the Developer shall delete such Information within 30 days of receipt of the User's relevant request or within another period established by applicable law.

7.3 The User understands and agrees that in case of withdrawal of consent to the processing of Information and/or disagreement with any of the terms of the Policy, the User must immediately stop using the Developer's Services. If the User continues to use the Services, the User explicitly and unambiguously grants the Developer repeated consent to the processing of the User Information under the terms of the Policy.

8. User's rights

8.1. Whether provided by applicable law, the User has the right to access their Information processed by the Developer in accordance with this Policy.

8.2 Whether provided by applicable law, the User shall have the right to:
  • familiarize themselves with the Information that the Developer holds about it;
  • demand deletion of the User's Information or any part thereof, as well as withdraw consent to the processing of Information.
The Developer will comply with these requests in accordance with applicable law.
In cases provided by applicable law, the User may also have other rights not specified above.

8.3 When the User uses the Services, access to and transmission of Information is carried out with the consent of the User expressing his/her free will and interest (in particular, on the basis of a contract with the User) and is not a legal obligation.

8.4 To exercise the granted rights, the User has the right to write an appeal to the Developer's Support Service (see Section 11 of the Policy).

9. Responsibilities.

9.1 In case of loss or disclosure of the Information, the Developer shall not be liable if this Information:
  • is not personal data of the User;
  • is in the public domain until it is lost or disclosed.
  • was received from a third party before it was received by the Developer.
  • was obtained by third parties through unauthorized access to the User's data or device as a result of actions of the User or third parties in the absence of direct fault of the Developer.
  • has been disclosed with the User's consent.
  • was lost or disclosed as a result of technical failures in the operation of the Service or for other reasons, except for the Developer's intentional actions aimed at disclosure of such Information.
9.2 The User is responsible for the legality, correctness, reliability and relevance of the Information provided by the User in accordance with applicable law.

10. Updating the Policy
The Policy may be amended. The Developer has the right to make changes at its discretion, including, but not limited to, in cases when the relevant changes are related to changes in the applicable law, as well as when the relevant changes are related to changes in the operation of the Services.
The new version of the Policy comes into effect from the moment of its posting, unless otherwise provided by the provisions of the new version of the Privacy Policy. The Developer recommends Users to regularly refer to this Privacy Policy in order to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date version.

11. Feedback
In case of any questions regarding the Services, the Policy or the processing and use of User Information in connection with the use of the Services, the User may contact us by e-mail: support@yoloprice.com. The User's enquiry must contain information necessary for a full and complete consideration of the User's question.

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